Camping in Uganda

A camping safari in Uganda is unique is such a way that you can opt to have a blend of the traditional bush camping and Community Banda camping or stick to the latter. Community Banda Camping is a special feature of Uganda camping safaris which is not common elsewhere in East Africa.

When you opt to have a Community Banda Camping Safari, you benefit threefold, that is:

  • You get modest comfort at a cheap price,
  • You get an opportunity to live within and have an extensive interaction with the local community and,
  •  You will directly positively contribute to their well being. This is because Community Camps are a source of employment and income for local people. It creates skills and raises awareness of conservation and how to use natural resources sustainably. A saved percentage is used to support local community development projects, such as adult education, safe water supply projects and medical care.

At Augur Tours LTD we can tailor-make your camping safari to enable you tour the best Ugandan destinations at a budget while having maximum interaction with and a positive impact to the local communities. We are experienced in organising a range of fascinating camping safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. These include:

  • Gorilla Trekking Camping Safaris
  • Wildlife Camping Safaris
  • Mountain Trekking Camping Adventures
  • Cultural Tours and Camping
  • Chimpanzee Trekking Camping Safaris
  • Big Cat Camping Safaris

In all these Uganda Camping Safaris, we are glad to cater for your specific interests. You can opt to have the best camping experience in any of Uganda’s astonishing destinations including National Parks and game reserves like

  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Kibale Forest Park
  • Kidepo Valley Park
  • Lake Mburo Park
  • Mgahinga National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth Park

There are varieties of exciting activities that you will enjoy on your Uganda Camping Safari including Chimpanzee and Gorilla trekking, game viewing on open plains, Bird watching with 1,000+ species, guided nature walks, White Sand Beach Holidays in the Ssesse Islands, trekking the Mountains of the moon (Rwenzori mountain ranges) boat cruises, White water and Bungee Jumping on the Nile, Cultural interactions with Uganda's friendly people, visiting the source of the River Nile and Fishing excursions on lake Victoria or River Nile.